Unified Awareness Through Emotion

Unified Awareness Through Emotion

Through focussed awareness and the sharing of emotional energy we raise collective consciousness and bring humanity closer to oneness.

We are all connected and share the same energy. Our energetic state is based on the way we feel internally and the feelings we share with others. Energy precedes matter, so the way we feel emotionally precedes the way we feel physically. Science has proven that our emotional state impacts not only our own DNA, but the DNA of others irrespective of distance and time. By managing the way we feel towards ourselves and by directing feelings like love, compassion and gratitude towards others we all have the ability to heal anything by resonating the state we seek. Our awareness creates a container within we we can effect change. Within that container our emotions and thoughts direct the energy toward transformation.

Let us together increase consciousness through the sharing of loving emotions for the betterment of all and this planet. 

Zeroone is an energy company. Our purpose is to help increase the vibrational frequency of human consciousness by providing a platform to unify awareness through the sharing of emotional energy for the betterment of all. 

There is an energy field that connects everything

  • This energy field communicates with our resonance field.
  • Our resonance field is built by our feelings which are empowered through our thoughts and associated emotions
  • We share/resonate our energy with our heart and through DNA
  • Distance nor time plays a role in governing our resonance field.
  • We are connected with everything and everyone through our resonance field.
  • Who or what steps into resonance with us cannot help but react to us.
  • Everything and everyone in resonance with us is inevitably drawn into our life.
  • Likewise, we are inevitably drawn into the resonance fields of others if we oscillate in the same manner as them 

Energy precedes matter, our energetic state is the way we feel  – manage the way we feel and our material bodies (DNA)  will adapt accordingly – using intention (our will/choice) we can direct this resonance towards others too. Science has proven that the way we feel not only impacts our own DNA, but impacts the DNA of others too - seeing the symbol changes the way we feel